Medical Aid for Afghan Women

Three decades of war in Afghanistan have destroyed nearly all of the country's medical infrastructure. Especially women have suffered from the lack of adequate medical care. The future of the country lies in the hands of its women and their children, and yet the maternal mortality rate in Afghanistan is extremely high, even in comparison to its neighbouring countries.

Help is badly needed!

The Rezai-Foundation’s first project was the construction of a clinic with gynaecology and maternity units in the Afghan city of Herat. Planning began in 2003 and It finally opened its doors in 2009 and has since reached capacity with frequent visits from both local women and those from the city’s vast provinces. After construction was completed the Foundation expanded its activities to include professional development and vocational training for Afghan doctors and medical staff, and the granting of scholarships. The clinic now treats up to 200 patients daily. 

With the means of the Foundation alone this would never have been possible. Your gracious donations have brought this ambitious project to life. Nonetheless, we are still far from being able to provide adequate medical support. We therefore ask you to please continue giving to this important cause. All donations can be put to very good use and are a symbol of solidarity for the people of Afghanistan.

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Dr. med. Mahdi Rezai
Founder and chairman of the Rezai-Foundation.

Herat, Afghanistan    Find further information on Afghanistan   here

Herat, Afghanistan

Find further information on Afghanistan here